Food Berry Co.,Ltd with Andong city, South Korea
Andong is the heart of Korean culture and tradition
Food Berry
Andong Factory
2020 - Established an extraction and concentration line for citron and black garlic.
2022 - Established a kimchi sterilization and packaging line
2022 - Established a small-packed sauce package production line using a homomixer.
2023 - Established production lines for rice cakes and tteokbokki rice cakes.
Food Berry
Andong R&D Center
  • Kimchi Pickling and Seasoning Recipe Process Development
  • Commercialization research using microbiome technology
  • Discovery of export products through excellent agricultural processing research (citron, omija, plum, etc.)
Quality Management
  • Application of optimal quality control techniques in the manufacturing process
  • Qualitative and quantitative safety analysis of ingredients of exported food
  • Food safety, information collection, export control items check
Collaborative research
  • Regular exchange of research on export products with industry-university research institutes
  • Collaborative product research with overseas buyers