Foodberry Co., Ltd.
The company was opened in 2010 under the motto "Globalization of Korean traditional cuisine", in Andong city, Gyeongsangbuk-do, with a long history and traditions.

We develop and produce recipes of kimchi and other traditional Korean dishes adapted to local consumers from Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.
We also develop, produce and export citrus products, black garlic and sauces that meet local trends.
Passing through the corona pendemic era, we have achieved 1 million dollars in exports and annually achieve sales growth of more than 30%.

Our business goal is to introduce premium Korean Food with our special technology to 'The World Food Market'.
We are trying our best to supply premium quality, as well as safety and well-being products to our customers at all time.
FoodBerry Co., Ltd. will make every effort to let all global village people enjoy a delicious Korean Food.
Why Food Berry?

Domestic agricultural ingredients

We use domestic agricultural products and spices.

Certified HALAL

Clean from the manufacturing process certified HALAL.

Overseas export & in-flight kimchi sales

We sell kimchi for overseas export and in-flight meals

Scientific equipments

Provide fresh food with scientific facilities and management.


We are responsible for health and taste, using only local agricultural products in accordance with global dietary trends.

We are working hard to present premium Korean dishes prepared using special Foodberry technology with the traditional taste of Korea on the world food market.

Agricultural Corporation Foodberry will strive to make delicious and healthy Korean food available to everyone around the world.

Thank you for choosing us.

Chang Jin Soo - 장진수 배상 / CEO